Who We Are

California Family Mediation Center is opening its doors using the business model utilized by San Diego Family Mediation Center. This process has grown organically over the years and has become, what many think, is the best mediation process offered in San Diego. We assist clients with each step, of not only the divorce process, but the other connected issues that tend to pop up during this process. We aim to provide a holistic process where the mediators touch on topics that are not necessarily part of the process, but often still important to clients. We believe that we are in a unique position where our clients have invited us into a very intimate part of their lives, giving us the opportunity to have very frank discussions and help everyone feel comfortable speaking up about any negative feelings, before they fester. Our goal is to have our clients walk out of our office as friends (or at least friendly). 

Our mediators are all highly motivated problem solvers who are passionate about helping individuals and families. We are specially trained to deal with high-conflict family issues including divorce, child custody, blended family disagreements, estate disputes, and more. Each of our mediators have extensive experience, law and financial knowledge, and has the conflict resolution skills to get to a mutually beneficial agreement. 


David P. Dowling, JD, MDR
Professional Family Mediator

After receiving my B.A. from Brigham Young University, I earned my JD from Chapman University School of Law.  I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for a couple of years, before earning a Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR) from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and Pepperdine University School of Law.  From 2009 to 2018, I was a Clinical Professor of Law and the founding director of the Mediation Clinic and Criminal Justice Dispute Resolution Clinic at the Chapman University Fowler School of Law.  This diverse background provides me with a unique perspective into the the legal and dispute resolution communities.  I want to help clients transition into their new life, using my experience and education to guide them on their path. 

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Amanda D. Singer, Esq., MDR, CDFA™

Growing up my mom was a therapist and I learned early on how important our feelings can be to our relationships and that we need to tell other people how we feel or they won’t know what needs to be changed. I learned about mediation in college at Brandeis University during one of my last classes for my legal studies minor. This class made me realize that there was a career option that would allow me to blend the emotional side of conflict with the pragmatic problem-solving side. I completed my JD at Chapman University School of Law while earning my Masters in Dispute Resolution (MDR) from The Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution and Pepperdine University School of Law. Both of these degrees allowed me to learn more about the law as well as better understand conflict, how people deal with conflict and the ways in which we can resolve it.  

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Rachel Q. Ragosa, Esq. 

My passion for assisting families through high-conflict circumstances started when I became a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in protective custody. Working to help place children back with families was incredibly rewarding. I was instantly drawn to family law matters as I entered law school. I had the opportunity to internship with the YWCA women's shelter, working to assist in domestic violence divorces. I worked in a family law firm for awhile, but discovered that the world of litigation wasn't a great fit. I wanted to help minimize conflict, not perpetuate it. 

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Jennifer M. Segura JD, CDFA™

After 10 years of running a business and listening to my clients, I've evolved professionally to understand what my clients really want and really need.  They are not interested in playing “hide-the-ball” as often happens in litigation. They want information, transparency, direction, understanding, and simplicity.  I try to de-mystify the divorce process as much as possible, because I know the main issue is often the fear of the unknown.