Parenting Plans

Your children are the most important part of your life. We work with both parents to create a customized parenting plan that meets your child's best interest. We can also assist you in calculating guideline child support based on your timeshare, income and expenses

When you are getting a divorce, there is a lot of uncertainty on what the future will look like. We strongly believe that children should have a close relationship and time with both parents as much as possible. We work hard to create parenting plans that support the relationship between the child and parent while maintaining a schedule that works for everyone. 

Orange County Custody and Visitation

While we try to avoid the terms "custody" and "visitation," a parenting plan does the same thing. We help our clients establish physical and legal custody of their child along with coming up with a weekly and holiday schedule that is in alignment with the child's best interest. The great thing about doing all of this via mediation is that you make all the decisions, not the court. You and the other parent decide how best to schedule everything! 

Child Support

In California, child support is calculated by a very specific method. We use our specialized software to input all your financial information, as well as your timeshare in your parenting plan to calculate the state's guideline support. No guesswork, no stress, we will do it all for you.

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Our Orange County divorce mediators are happy to assist you with every aspect of establishing a parenting plan. For more information, give us a call or fill out our online contact form