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Jennifer M. Segura, J.D., CDFA™

I opened my own mediation center, San Diego Family Mediation Center (SDFMC), in January of 2009. In 2015, I partnered with Amanda and we have become an unstoppable force in the mediation field in San Diego. 

After 10 years of running a business and listening to my clients, I've evolved professionally to understand what my clients really want and really need.  They are not interested in playing “hide-the-ball” as often happens in litigation. They want information, transparency, direction, understanding and simplicity.  I try to de-mystify the divorce process as much as possible, because I know the main issue is often the fear of the unknown.

You don't have to fight

Those going through a divorce often think they need to immediately hire an attorney and start the "fight". This could not be further from the truth, for them, for their family, or for society as a whole. I went to law school knowing I wanted to mediate, not litigate, because I knew there was a better way to help couples who find themselves in this predicament. My passion for mediation was first sparked in an undergrad anthropology course. We studied the Lewellyn Indian Tribe and their methods of resolving conflict. How it was so much more efficient and healthy for all involved. How it helped to maintain peace in the tribe and not allow for resentments to grow, which could have led to the Tribe's demise. I couldn't help but compare this tactic to our society.

There is no better word for this system, than "BROKEN". And a broken system produces a broken process which inevitably produces broken people and broken families. The ones who suffer most are the children. I believe people will appreciate the idea that not only are they helping themselves, their families and children, but also society, by not engaging in a legal battle. Legal battles often end with the parties penniless, with other legal problems as a result of the divorce process, such as failed businesses and failed careers. Unfortunately, all of these negative results are then integrated into their children.

Mediation offers clients the opportunity to teach their children that you can face conflict but choose to handle it in a positive and healthy way, and that conflict doesn't always produce destructive outcomes.