How Do You Ask for a Divorce?

One of the scariest aspects of getting divorced can be to ask for one in the first place. Divorce isn't always wanted on both sides. More often than not, one party wants to separate, and the other does not. The party wanting the divorce can feel guilt over the entire process, not wanting to hurt the other person. Just because you don't want to be married, doesn't mean you hate them. So how do you ask for a divorce? Here are a few tips. 

Choose the Right Time to Ask for a Divorce

Obviously, a birthday or holiday may not be the best time to ask for a divorce. If you have the option, choose a day that isn't associated with anything important in their life. Choose a random day on a random month, so that there isn't that stigma attached to a particular holiday. Try to pick a time of the day that you two will have time to discuss your options. Right before you head to work is probably not the best time to ask for a divorce. Most importantly, ask for a divorce when you are calm, not in the heat of an argument. 

Be Straightforward and Objective

There definitely will be a time to deal with the emotional side of divorce. When you ask for a divorce, try to calmly state the reasons you feel this is the best options. Lay out a plan moving forward and schedule a day to come into mediation. Your mediator can help you determine a plan with regards to your home, parenting plan, and division of assets and debts. 

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Rachel Ragosa